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Sinfonica digital books are made with the UPDF format (Unshare PDF, or non-shareable PDF), and can be viewed on a device but not printed. Their time duration is also limited (for software reasons) to 50 years.
CLICK HERE FOR THE LIST OF DIGITAL UPDF- Scores (for tablets, smartphones, PCs).
After the purchase, the link to download the UPDF file will be automatically sent by email.
The UPDF file can be viewed just on a single device. Therefore it is recommended to initially open it only from the device you want to use.
In order to view the UPDF you need to download the free UPDF Reader program.
UPDF Reader is the free multilingual viewer of UPDF documents: it allows the opening and reading of PDF and UPDF files created by us.
With this reader, you can easily open and view authorized UPDF (.updf) and unshared PDF (.pdf) documents on Windows, iOS and Android devices.
Click on the links below to download the program for your device!
Warning for use of the UPDF file in Windows: you must save the file on a physical folder on the PC before opening it. It is not possible to open it from a temporary folder by simply double clicking on the sent link, but you must choose "Save with name".
This problem does not appear to exist for other operating systems (Android and iOS)
UPDF Reader for Windows
UPDF Reader for iOS
UPDF Reader for Android
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