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Santoro Music School Youtube Channel, Educational Book Series "Guitar Vol.1"
Alex Fusaro Youtube Channel, author of "TALES OF A GUITAR HERO, 10 Rhapsodies for Electric Guitar"
Luciano Cologgi & Salvatore Ercolano, authors of the book Essential Rock Package, Youtube Channel
Salvatore Ercolano Youtube Channel
Luciano Cologgi Youtube Channel, author of Essential Rock Package, FIngerstyle Blues Guitar, Enciclopedia di arpeggi per chitarra, etc.
Gianluca D'Alessio Youtube  Channel, author of Power and Beyond, The Power Trio and its Contaminations
Daniele Vacca, Ukulele Youtube Channel
Michele Vurchio, drum & percussions, Youtube Channel
Matteo Trimigno, pianst, Youtube Channel
Guitarist Giampiero Villa Youtube Channel
Giampiero Villa, jazz guitarist, Youtube Channel
Bruno Giuffredi, guitarist, Youtube Channel
Guitarist Damiano Mercuri Channel
Massimiliano Alloisio, guitarist, Youtube Channel
Video by guitarist Marco Corsi
Ganesh Del Vescovo, guitarist and composier, Youtube channel
Angela Centola, guitarist and composer, Youtube channel
Luca Chiaraluce, multi-instrumentalist and sculptor, Youtube channel
Marco De Biasi, guitarist & composer, Youtube channel
Luca Fiordaliso, violinist Youtube Channel
Marcello Fantoni, guitarist Youtube Channel
10 Poliritmic Studies for 2 guitars (Extracts) by Pablo Montagne, Youtube Video
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