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Bruno Giuffredi: plays Guitars made by Pietro Gallinotti (DVD+CD) Bruno Giuffredi
plays Guitars made by Pietro Gallinotti (DVD+CD)
Ten guitars made by P. Gallinotti and two copies inspired and made by Maurizio Foti & Fabio Zontini.
The DVD + CD are dedicated to Pietro Gallinotti (1885-1979), the most relevant modern Italian maker of classical guitars. The DVD is divided into two parts, the first one containing a recital with ten Gallinotti guitars built from 1933 to 1965. The second part, including also two modern copies made in 2002 and 2010, offers a comparison of the twelve instruments.
Booklet by Simona Boni (Pietro Gallinotti) e Bruno Giuffredi (L'identitĂ  perduta).
Organological files: Maurizio Foti

Music by:
Francisco Tarrega: Three Preludes
Miguel Llobet: El testament d'Amelia
Miguel Llobet: Prelude original
Miguel Llobet: Variaciones sobre un tema de Fernando Sor
Miguel Llobet: Mazurka
Ottorino Respighi: [Variazioni]
Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuga BWV 997
Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuga BWV 998
Johann Sebastian Bach: Fuga BWV 1000
Manuel Maria Ponce: Suite en la mineur
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Tarantella op. 87a
Heitor Villa-Lobos: Etude nn. 3, 6, 8

Video preview: Manuel Maria Ponce from Suite en la Mineur:

DVD back side PDF-file

€ 15.00

Fabio Zontini: A MISURA D'UOMO Fabio Zontini - Bruno Giuffredi
Movies by Luigi Coppola
English subtitles

Guitar maker Fabio Zontini & Guitarist Bruno Giuffredi.
PLAY: F. Tarrega: Marieta, Mazurka (guit. B. Giuffredi)

€ 9.00

Sergio Fabian Lavia: SAUDALGIA - classical guitar & electronics Sergio Fabian Lavia
SAUDALGIA - classical guitar & electronics
(SCD-025 / SDVD-026)
The CD / DVD / Book Saudalgia invites an exciting multiple aesthetic experience combining music, literature, painting and video. The music was created originally in quadraphony and can be heard on stereo CD or DVD with the 5.1 surround system. The texts written by the Argentinian musicologist and writer Fabián Beltramino illustrating the listening of the works, are a mixture of musicological theory and poetry.
Music composed, performed and recorded by Sergio Fabian Lavia
Mastering by Luca Zugnoni
Writings by Fabián Beltramino
Painting by Sergio Fabian Lavia
Video Studio Brain Vision
Graphic Project by Flora Anastasia

Video preview : SAUDALGIA by Sergio Fabian Lavia

PLAY: Fantasia de arpegios [Preview]
PLAY: Saudalgia IV [Preview]

€ 30.00

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