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Marco De Biasi: IPERCUBO Marco De Biasi
(S. 273)
For six guitars
Complete scores and 6 separate parts

€ 15.00

Marco De Biasi: 18 STUDI PROGRESSIVI Marco De Biasi
(S. 346)
(easy - intermediate) for guitar + CD
Guitarist: Marco De Biasi
Pages 32 

€ 13.00

Marco De Biasi: FOUR APHORISMS Marco De Biasi
(S. 397)
For guitars + CD
Guitarists: Marta Dolzadelli
Preview PDF-file

€ 5.00

Marta Dolzadelli: FRAMES Marta Dolzadelli
Dialoghi tra Musiche e Arti figurative
Music for Guitar by M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Michael Tippet, Marco Ramelli, Toru Takemitsu, Kai Kieminen, Marco De Biasi.
€ 10.00

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