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Giorgio Tortora: “PETALI” Giorgio Tortora
(S. 538)NEW!
Edited by the concert performer Luisa Sello
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Pages 16 

€ 10.00

Franco Vigorito: TWELVE STUDIES Franco Vigorito
(S. 272)
for Flute

Pages 40 

€ 12.00

Franco Vigorito: DODICI STUDI Franco Vigorito
(S. 265)
for Flute
Joachim Andersen - Giulio Briccialdi - Anton Bernard Fürstenau - Ernesto Köler
(Lower course)
Edited by Franco Vigorito
Pages 38 

€ 12.00

Luca Russo: Six Etudes Luca Russo
Six Etudes
(S. 235)
For flute solo. On circular breathing technique
These Etudes have been written to help the flautist in the process of learning the circular breathing technique. The use of extended techniques, such as Tongue-rams or "sound and voice", is limited and clearly marked.
A particular attention is given to those techniques that lead to the control of circular breathing: 1- the "Pheet " sound (marked with a triangular note head and a little arrow) produced by a quick movement of the tongue towards the lips (practically a movement that is the reverse of ´single tonguing´). 2- the staccato and the transition from the staccato sound to the pheet sound (and vice versa). 3- trills 4- long slurred phrases.
The performer will choose where and how to adopt circular breathing in accordance with his personal taste and technical skills.
From the formal point of view, these etudes are conceived as variations on a theme that, when they are performed in public, should be presented in the original numerical order and without any interruptions.
from Preface by Luca Russo e Stefano Parrino

Preface & page 1
Pages 16 

€ 12.00

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