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Luciano Cologgi: LA CHITARRA AMICA Luciano Cologgi - Salvatore Ercolano
Fun guitar method for the study of Guitar designed for young guitarists
Musical bases in MP3.

After an engaging introduction of music theory enriched by small exercises, the gradual and entertaining journey into the world of guitar begins through 123 musical scores divided into 4 parts. 1 ): first simple exercises and presentation of the notes that will then be used in subsequent passages in a gradual effective and fun way, immediately obtaining gratifying results to the small students. The exercises and melodic passages are taken from the traditional popular and modern classical repertoire. 2nd): famous Christmas songs both in melodic and polyphonic versions for the Christmas essays. 3rd): 10 duets that the student can play with the teacher or a friend guitarist or flutist .. 4th): diagrams of the positions of the chords used in the method in full and simplified version.
MP3 bases of songs made with live instruments.
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Pages 148 + CD 


Daniele Ligios: GUITARE ACTUELLE + CD Daniele Ligios
Learn how to play the guitar with a fantastic story!!
A very wide choice of musical stimuli that touch tonal, modal and avant-garde areas. Technique and expressiveness are linked by a story in which children are protagonists and attracted by a musical path that allows learning to play.
With CD attached
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Pages 32 + CD 


Bruno Giuffredi: A SCUOLA CON LA CHITARRA Bruno Giuffredi
(S. 013)NEW!
Second edition
A collection of monodic and polyphonic compositions for beginners and basic technical exercises

36 monodic pieces taken from popular repertories, fragments of symphonic, opera and chamber music. 86 original works by Classic, Romantic and early 20th-century composers marked by a polyphonic instrumental texture. 13 contemporary compositions featuring the typical consonances of jazz, rag-time, blues and country music.
With this collection, supplemented with basic technical exercises, the students will feel encouraged to practise their instrument and overcome technical problems through genuine musical gestures.
Pages 128 


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