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Ranieri, Pierpaolo

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Pierpaolo Ranieri: BASS THERAPY + CD Pierpaolo Ranieri
(S. 457)
Techniques and tips for building bass lines
CD with Minus One music.
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PLAY: Base 1
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PLAY: Base 13
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Pages 88 + Basi Minus One scaricabili 


Pierpaolo Ranieri: BASS THERAPY Vol. 2 Pierpaolo Ranieri
(S. 494)NEW!
The study of chords and scales and their musical application
Book + CD Minus One.

In this second volume the elements dealt with in the first are analyzed with the insertion of new topics that will help you to enrich your bass lines.
The concept behind this work is the visualization of the notes on the keyboard with greater awareness.
The book does not deal with any particular genre of music, but helps to shape the elements that underlie each style, helping you to develop your own more personal and creative approach to playing.
Also in this text you will find some bases on which to work that will provide a musical application to the studied concepts: therefore also here the first measures are played, and then continue without bass, so that the task to create is your responsibility.
CD attached with Minus One bases.
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Pages 88 + Basi Minus One scaricabili 


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