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Taliercio, Margherita

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Margherita Taliercio: A SCUOLA CON IL CLARINETTO Margherita Taliercio
(S. 009)
Collection of music for beginners
This collection includes more than 200 pieces - ranging from popular to compositional music for solo instruments and for ensembles - divided into ten themes ("the notes of the left hand", "tonguing", "colours", etc.) and supported by conceptual and technical explanatory notes. Intended for clarinet beginners, this collection is a step-by-step "itinerary" through the most common rhythmic patterns, the full range of the clarinet (with the exception of the high-pitched register) and the basic musical "vocabulary". The well-known and pleasant melodies of this collection are suitable for students of any age and can be included into the syllabuses of music schools.
Preview: Introduction, p. 9, 49, 90 (PDF)
Pages 96 


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