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Rizzo, Luca

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Luca Rizzo: Sonny Stitt - The Champ Luca Rizzo
Sonny Stitt - The Champ
(SJ. 104)
For sax + CD
Transcription of 12 among the most interesting solos of the saxophonits. CD MP3 + Basi
Trascrizioni di 12 Tracks, Patterns, Appendix edited by P. Bernardi. Content of annexed CD: 1. There Will Never Be Another You, 2. All The Things You Are, 3. Ornithology, 4. Now´s The Time, 5. Scrapple From The Apple, 6. Yardbird Suite, 7. Au Privave, 8. Imagination, 9. Cherokee 10. Who Can I Turn To?, 11. Ray´s Idea, 12. Back To My Home Town.
Intro, index, Postface by P. Quarta, 2 music pages
Pages 60 


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