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Intra, Enrico

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Enrico Intra: AUDIOTATTILE Enrico Intra
(SJ. 129)
To use applying to jazz education
12 improvisations made and transcribed in real time by midi keyboard by Enrico Intra.
Midi programmer: Ugo Serafini.
Introduction by Maurizio Franco.
Interventions by Vincenzo Caporaletti, Enrico Pierannunzi and Claudio Sessa.
[Italian text only].
Pages 28 + CD 


Enrico Intra: IL DO IMPERATORE Enrico Intra
(SJ. 134)
Educational compositions to develop creativity
The Do (musical note C) means here a tonality, a main note of a scale.
The Do for the construction of different, multifaceted musical moments, in which dynamic rhythms, tonal and extra-tonal harmonies, as well as improvisation techniques come into play.
The Do, precisely as the center of the sound universe, as a solid and reassuring platform on which to build freely, without constraints of any order.
The Do Emperor who rules the sound beyond any boundary.
Preview PDF-file
01: In Quarta [preview]
09: Bluesflash [preview]
Pages 20 + CD 


Enrico Intra: Intramood Enrico Intra
(SJ. 103)
Edited by Maurizio Franco - with attached DVD
Content: Essays, testimonials; Anthology of writings and interviews, Discography, Scores. In the DVD: interviews and testimonies of leading artists of the jazz world.
Pages 200 


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